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“I object to that objection!” Indeed, I too graduated from law school. But somewhere along the way I realized that starring in my own version of “The Paper Chase” wasn’t going to be fulfilling for me, either. I wanted to do something more entrepreneurial. So I joined Chris two years into his real estate practice.

My other past lives include being a director of business development at a dot-com and owning a high-end catering company. Because the Internet and tuna tartare are so very similar, right? Along the way, I learned that in order to succeed it’s crucial to offer incredible value to clients and to exceed their expectations. Do that, and they’ll want to introduce you to their friends and co-workers because they’ll feel like it will truly benefit someone they care about. We consider that a show of incredible trust, so to honor that trust we constantly look for innovative ways to offer outstanding service to our clients.

I love to cook (and, of course, eat, which I believe came first). My parents tell me that when I was just two years old and my mom went out for a quick run, I escaped my crib and raided the lower shelf of the fridge for the baking chocolate. When she got back, I had chocolate in hand, and more smeared all over my face. Busted.

When I’m not downing unguarded cocoa, I like to run in Golden Gate Park, dance to anything with a funky beat (often in my kitchen), travel (in order to experience different foods, of course), paint, refinish furniture, and take urban hikes through this awesome city.

BRE license number 01408166.

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