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“I object!” Well, not anymore. Yes, it’s true; I used to be a lawyer. After graduating from Cornell I practiced at large firms, first in NY then in Silicon Valley. But after a while I realized I wanted more positive and rewarding client interactions so I entered the real estate profession. But one thing that really stuck with me from law school (other than an aversion to wingtips) was the true meaning of the word “agency.” It means that an agent owes his clients the duties of care, honesty, and loyalty. That’s the kind of stuff you just can’t fake or phone in. We take our duties as agents very seriously, and always keep in mind our obligation to put our clients’ interests above our own.

In my spare time, I ride my BMW GS adventure motorcycle as much as humanly possible (even though Karen laughs at my bulky armored Michelin Man pants). My dream is to make extended road trips on the bike with Karen on the back, up the West Coast, to the national parks in the West, through the Southwest and one day through Europe (Karen’s idea, surprisingly. I suspect this may have to do with the eating to be had there!).

I also hike, play really lousy pool, study languages, love to travel, make instruments with varying degrees of success, practice krav maga, try my hand at woodworking, discover and listen to almost any form of music (sorry, country & western fans), and happily eat Karen’s amazing cooking.

BRE license number 01330091.

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