Simon & Andreas

First time we worked with Karen and Chris as our real estate agents was three years ago when we purchased our first home (a condo in Glen Park). As first time home buyers they did an amazing job educating us and making this an awesome experience for us. When we decided earlier in the year to sell the condo we bought three years ago it was clear to us that we wanted to work with them again, now as a first time seller. Since we worked with them the first time Cherie joined their team and they are now a powerhouse of three which is beneficial as buyer or seller in so many ways. Chris is the master of paperwork - trust me there is a lot of paperwork but if you work with Chris you do not have to worry about it at all. Chris handhold's you the entire way and no questions or clarifications are too much for him. Karen and Cherie on the other side are the visual, pricing and marketing experts on the team. It blew us away how they can walk into a space and tell you how it will present the best, what you could do with a place, what the price range should be and point out pro's and con's. They are truly a dream team, considering the decisions you make when buying or selling a place have such a huge impact on your life and financials, they make the entire process a great experience and keep your stress level to a minimum.

And here is our story working with them as our seller's agent. We just closed the sale of our condo we bought three years ago with a 50% gain on our original purchase price and 33% over asking price after being on the market for less than two weeks. Although it is a given that the San Francisco housing market is absolutely insane at the moment, we are fairly certain our returns would not have been as good and the transaction could have been longer and more stressful in the process had we not had such awesome seller agents. What we especially liked on the selling side, was how confident they were in making suggestions, specifically when it came down to list price, staging, disclosure presentation and sell approach - four of the most crucial aspects of the process in our opinion. They certainly had their thoughts about what worked best and what would sell the fastest/most efficiently through their years of experience. Some of our decisions we had to make were a bit nerve-wracking (i.e. spending money on the staging and fixing up the place), but they knew the market and had the data to back it up. It wasn't like we were expected to blindly follow their suggestions but was a huge help to make the right decisions. They clearly know their business and by us following their guidance it certainly paid off!!! At the end, we ended up receiving a couple offers well above asking, and well above our expectations! It was exhilarating and unbelievable, especially the best offer that we received which we ultimately accepted.

Reading other reviews here, and I know this will probably sound repetitive, but they are utterly the most responsive, knowledgeable, coordinated, and just pleasant people you could ever meet and work with. This was certainly true for the buy-side, but we think it was even more pronounced on the sell-side with their organization, coordination, and communication in the whole process. It was almost every day that we would hear some update as soon as we got into contract. Even before then, they had setup a calendar for us, from start to finish, which was amazingly executed. This made things so much easier and PREDICTABLE, which led to no unpleasant surprises in the process. If any surprises came about, it came from us (the sellers), for which Chris, Karen and Cherie gladly accommodated for. Again, thanks for that, you guys are awesome and we look forward working with you again to find and buy our next home!