Seth W. & Shauna N.

“The idea of buying a house in San Francisco is pretty intimidating, for a whole bunch of reasons. Somehow though, Karen and Chris have an unbelievable ability to navigate every aspect of the process. They're smart, they're experienced, they're honest, and they have answers for each one of the thousands of questions that come up along the way.

I would recommend Karen and Chris to anyone looking to buy a house or condo in San Francisco. My girlfriend and I not only had no idea what we were doing in the house-hunting process, but we were pretty nervous about the whole thing working out well. When we started looking, the whole thing seemed like a pipe dream. We were looking in the Sunset, in the Mission, in Bernal...we had particular tastes but had never gone looking for a house before. Karen and Chris guided us through the whole thing.

Karen takes the lead in showing you properties. She knows the city, she knows the market, and she knows what properties should be worth. She also has an impressive understanding of all of the many, many factors that will impact resale. She simultaneously makes sure that you'll end up in a house you love, and one that down the road, you can sell for a great value.

Chris takes the lead with negotiations, and with all the legal aspects of buying your property once you've decided to make an offer. There is a large pile of paperwork to get through in this process, and Chris helped us the whole way, from making offers to securing our loan (which was a herculean task on its own), to finally closing the deal.

A huge bonus of working with Karen and Chris is their amazing network of other professionals. They know everybody you need to know from mortgage brokers to people at the title company, contractors for home improvements, people who install counters and build custom cabinets, accountants who will make sure you get the maximum tax benefits...the list goes on. Basically anytime there was someone else we needed something from, Karen and Chris recommended someone who was not only very helpful, but cheaper than the competition.

We are thrilled with the Bernal house we closed on in August. We are doing some work on our kitchen now but will move in this October. We're really excited and none of it would have been possible without all of Karen and Chris's help and hard work.

If you're thinking of buying a place in San Francisco, call them up and meet with them - you'll be glad you did.”