Sen & Sam L.

“We had been working with another agent but had become frustrated with their unresponsiveness. We were referred to Chris and Karen through an acquaintance. Now that we have found our home we can say with certainty that we are so glad that we met them.

The SF housing market can seem like a big mystery because you can’t always rely on the list price to determine whether you can get the house you want. Thus, we really relied on Karen and Chris to guide us on 1) whether the house was a good choice in terms of its overall value and 2) whether the house really met our needs as a family by asking tough questions like, “Do you really think this is enough space for you?” When we were ready to make bids, we trusted that they did the research to guide us in what price to bid (and what not exceed). So in the end, we really listened to their wise advice on what a house was worth and whether it made sense for us to bid on it given our needs. They even talked us out of bidding on a particular house we were ready to offer on— which, in the long run, was definitely the right decision for us.

We truly appreciated that they never pushed the sale, instead providing suggestive advice. We were always struck by how they never really pushed us to buy something— even if we seemed like we wanted a particular house. We think this is one the most valuable aspects of their approach— not being pushy sales people, but providing enough guidance so that we could make our own decisions.

We had loads of questions and concerns throughout the housing search and bidding process and really appreciated their timeliness in getting back to us. We especially liked that their voicemail indicated
when they were returning calls so that we weren't waiting around all day wondering when we were going to hear from them. When we submitted a bid, we were on pins and needles. By keeping us well informed every step of the way, we felt assured that things were going as they were supposed to.

Another valuable aspect of Karen and Chris’s service is linking us with good service providers after we closed on the house. Because we trusted them at the onset, we naturally trusted the people that they referred. These folks included mortgage brokers, insurance agents, painters, floor refinishers, roofers etc. We were really impressed with the quality of service they all provided to us.

Karen and Chris really went above and beyond the call of duty. We don’t know many real estate agents who are willing to go to Home Depot to help pick out knobs and pulls for the kitchen cabinets — so thanks a million!

Overall, we felt like they really took care of us and our needs by listening to us and guiding us. We are so thankful for all they've done. Karen and Chris are an awesome team and we will be delighted to refer them to our friends and colleagues. We tell friends about all they’ve done for us and they are all amazed by their high quality service. Karen and Chris have certainly set the bar high!!”