Rossa S. & Beatrice C.

“Karen Cheong and Chris Sprague are hands down the best realtors in San Francisco. They focus exclusively on property in the city and know San Francisco inside and out. I think you'd be hard pressed to run an address by Karen where she wouldn't already have good knowledge on the neighborhood it's in and the general value of real estate in that area. But their true value is through their system of educating their clients in residential real estate so one can make an informed decision not just on a purchase or sale, but on how that transaction could affect their lives financially (and emotionally) into the future. Tell most realtors you're interested in a particular property and they'll say "let's go get it then!" Karen and Chris, on the other hand, will investigate the property and present you with upside and downside, which is exactly what we were looking for from professional realtors - consultation and deep strategic knowledge, not "rah rah let's get you this house."

We recently completed the purchase of a single-family home with Karen and Chris and feel their service was simply outstanding throughout the process. We're excited to refer them to our network of friends and colleagues because of how impressed we were with their handling of our transaction.”