Ray E.

“I've had the pleasure of working with Karen and Chris on both the purchase and sale of my loft, and I can't say enough about these two and how great they are. They truly have the SF market down to a science, and anyone looking to purchase or sell should absolutely tap their services in full confidence.

My sale transaction had an extremely aggressive timeline because of my preference to sell in as short a time as possible. I realize now that I pushed for a lot from Karen and Chris, but they delivered as expected, and then some. I was extremely impressed with how coordinated they were in formulating a game plan, and then executing it flawlessly. Seriously, I wonder if these guys sleep!

Being a first-time seller, I felt completely at ease with the process, getting all the info I needed from them on how things were going to happen, and how to maximize my results. I'm sure I was lucky, in the sense that not too many unexpected or uncontrollable items popped up on my sale. However, everything else that we could control, Karen and Chris were on it.

We all know that buying/selling a home is often times a scary proposition (duh, no news there, right?); but when it comes down to it, you want someone with the willingness and tools to go the extra mile for you, as if you were their friend, not just a client.. At least, that's what I was hoping for, and that's exactly what I got.”