Priya M. & Daryl Q.

“My husband and I first worked with Chris and Karen when we were buying our first home. Two and a half years later - with an 18 month old and another baby on the way - we had outgrown our starter home and were ready to leave the City for more family-friendly central Marin. This time, we worked with Chris and Karen as our listing agents to sell our house.

Wow, did they blow us away! As always, Chris and Karen work synergistically together. They have clearly delineated responsibilities - Karen primarily manages the house/listing prep before the house is put on the market and Chris covers the offer process, documents etc - so it is clear who's on first. But they also communicate really well with each other and their clients, so everyone has an equal understanding. Together, they bring their market knowledge and insight to helping the seller develop a strong selling/bidding strategy.

Chris and Karen work really hard for their clients. My family bought our new house and moved to Marin (~40 minutes away) before we put our first house on the market. Not only did Chris and Karen help us to identify and prioritize improvement projects to ready the house for sale, yet stay within our budget, but Karen also coordinated bids from the various vendors, oversaw the work and ensured that the house was in the best possible shape to be shown. The result was that, the weekend we had our first open house, our house showed the best in its price range - 260 groups of people came through the open house in 2 hours! We ended up with 12 very competitive offers.

Once we were in contract, Chris managed the process so it went as smoothly as possible. When a hiccup arose with the buyer, Chris jumped into solution mode, helping the buyer's agent creatively problem solve, so we could stay in contract.

We just closed the sale yesterday and I can say without reservation that Karen and Chris earned every penny of their commission. Their intelligence, hard work, dedication and professionalism really paid off for us! We cannot recommend them highly enough.”