Paul W. & Paul K.

“We found Chris and Karen on the Internet and would heartily and without reservation recommend them to anyone who is seriously considering purchasing real estate in San Francisco. Without question and after working with three previous realtors, they are far and away the very best realtors we've ever worked with.

Acclimating to a new city after moving across country, we needed to work with realtors who knew the market inside and out, could orient us to the different neighborhoods, and could help us make sense of the craziness of the San Francisco real estate market — a real shock when moving here from another city! The realtor we first worked with focused more on open houses and less on a personalized and detailed real estate strategy driven by our own personal needs and recent market data — the latter being the exact approach Chris and Karen recommended in our first meeting with them.

Chris & Karen had all the attributes we were looking for in realtors: responsive, honest, knowledgeable, analytical, enthusiastic but not pushy, friendly yet professional. They answered our questions fully and promptly, gave us candid and honest advice, arranged to meet us after work hours to see properties and write offers, and helped us create and execute a personalized and detailed real estate strategy driven by our own personal needs and recent market data. The success of their approach can be measured in the results we achieved: we moved into our dream home within 3 months of starting to work with them.

We've also benefited from the depth and breadth of Chris and Karen's knowledge and experience, which extend into all aspects of owning, repairing, and maintaining a home. When we needed to repair the garbage disposal, they supplied us with names of various agencies with proven track records for us to consider in hiring for the job; we ended up using one, with whose work we were quite satisfied. It's hard enough to find good contractors, but it's especially hard when you're new to a city.

Chris and Karen know SF real estate inside and out. They use a consultative approach that yields real results. If you want to buy a home in SF, call them; you'll be very glad you did."