Mike & Sandra M.

“We just bought our first house and I can honestly say we wouldn't have made it through without Karen and Chris. From beginning to...well there is no end but I'll get to that in a second, they have been there making sure we knew and felt comfortable with everything that was going on, giving us sound advice throughout and really guiding us through the process.

Beginning - Meeting with Karen and Chris the first time was great. They walked with us through the whole process step by step and took the time to explain everything and answer all our questions.

Hunting - For the house hunting, Karen really knows her stuff! She understands the good/bad in a house from the minute she walks in, and the all-important "How will this sell in the future?" aspect. We had a different experience with house hunting that really shows how much Karen cares and is there for you. We did the initial Sunday of houses with Karen so she could help us figure out what we were looking for and what was important. The following Thursday my wife found a property from the email system Karen and Chris set us up with. It was in the perfect location and in our price range and pretty much exactly what we were looking for. Problem was, Karen was packing for a vacation she was leaving for on Friday that had been planned for a long time. I say problem, but she did't think of it this way. She showed us the place on Thursday night when she should have been packing, and we went and signed papers on Friday with her, when she should have been on vacation. Just shows you how important her clients (even those she met only twice before) are to her.

Negotiations - Ok this is where Chris became our rock star! We won the bid and entered escrow. The owner had done a pest inspection but hadn't drilled holes, Karen and Chris identified this as a huge red flag and we had a supplemental pest inspection in the contingencies. Thankfully!! An additional $20K in damage found. (Reminder: first-time home buyers, so freaking out at this point) So in the inspection things kept popping up, but Chris was right next to us (literally), letting us know what things meant and the possible fixes, being more of a crisis manager than anything. He wasn't trying to make us buy though in anyway. Multiple times he said, if you don't feel comfortable it's very easy to walk away and we can find another property. While we were REALLY close we decided to stick with it. So we went back to the seller and started re-negotiations (not fun with a difficult seller/estate and selling agent from out of town). In the end, after a lot of headaches and endless phone calls, Chris got us a price we were really happy with.

End - I said before there really was no end because we decided to remodel our bathroom (I'm going to miss the swan on the old shower door), update the plumbing, put on a new roof, and make a few other fixes and Karen and Chris came over and helped us figure out a design for the bathroom that worked for us and helped with value, gave us a great recommendation for a roofer and a great contractor.

Ok long story short, they are the BEST!”