Micah W. & Bonnie C.

Having lived in a studio for several years, my wife and I decided we needed a bit more space. We initially looked into renting a 2BR with rent-control, with the plan that we'd never have to move again. But, after running the numbers and dealing with one too many crazy potential landlords (seemingly drunk with power in the current rental market) we decided to buy.

Knowing that the buying market was also crazy -- and knowing we knew nothing about it, where did we turn? Yelp, of course! This is where we found SFRE Solutions, and their whopping 5-star rating. We got in contact, and never looked back.

Cherie, Karen & Chris are just awesome. They held our hands and educated us every step of the way: from mortgage bankers familiar with the SF market, to desirable neighborhoods in our range, to home inspectors and contractors we could trust. Any question we had, we'd receive an incredibly detailed and informative response, and we'd learn way more than we would have in the hours we'd spend online trying to figure it out for ourselves.

What we appreciated most about SFRE Solutions is that they were completely genuine, and always had our best interest at heart. In such a crazy market, we ended up house-hunting for a whole year. In that year's time, we rode a rollercoaster of emotions, but always knew we could trust the team to keep us level-headed and focused on the goal.

Thanks to Cherie, Karen, and Chris, we've now been living in our dream home for 6 months and couldn't be happier. We hope to never move again, but if we do, we know exactly who to call :)