Lucas R. & Kristin M.

“My girlfriend and I bought our first home with the help of Karen and Chris in May of 2011. I could not recommend them more strongly, both for their amazing assistance throughout the process of finding and buying a place, as well as for their constant availability as a resource since we moved in.

So many of the positive elements of working with Karen and Chris have been laid out in the other reviews here, but I just wanted to highlight some of the most amazing aspects for us:

- The initial strategy session does a tremendous job laying out the process of buying a home, specifically explaining how they go about the different stages. To have it all laid out so clearly was a huge comfort as we were feeling very in over our heads while searching on our own.

- The fact that Karen talked us out of numerous properties was extremely helpful, and something that was totally contrary to my expectations of a real estate agent. For each place, Karen had very specific reasons (ranging from small negatives to definite deal breakers) why the place wasn't a good opportunity for us. Her rationale was always reasonable and compelling. That guidance was invaluable for us, as we lacked any real estate experience.

- The offer process is daunting. We wrote two offers during our search, and Chris spent at least eight hours walking us through the pages and pages of disclosures. He took great care to explain which pieces were important, which were mere boilerplate, and he never tried to rush us through anything we weren't comfortable with.

I would have recommended Karen and Chris even if we hadn't found a place we love because their dedication and professionalism are incredible. But in our case, we definitely wouldn't have gotten our place without them. Before the house was on the market, Karen heard about it and knew it was exactly what we were looking for. She was able to get us in to see it before the first open house. She also felt strongly that if there were multiple offers on the house, it would have ended up out of our price range. Karen and Chris facilitated a quick offer before the house was officially on the market, and our offer was accepted.

We will absolutely go back to Karen and Chris for any real estate needs in the future and have recommended them to any friends who are looking for homes.”