Kathy T.

“I had bought into another property with a partner and wanted to sell my home quickly. I was a little overwhelmed with the amount of work that I knew needed to be done to prepare my home for sale. I was also concerned about rising interest rates and the slowing market.

I interviewed three agents. I chose Karen and Chris because I found their well-prepared presentation to be the most impressive, highlighting their knowledge, full service marketing plan, and fantastic referrals. They demonstrated the energy, vision, resources and the organizational skills necessary to prepare my home for market in an extremely short period of time. In addition, one of my criteria in hiring an agent was that they conduct themselves in a professional manner and work with integrity. To this end, Karen and Chris certainly met this criterion with flying colors.

I was deliberating whether to put the house on the market in late spring or in the fall. I was concerned about the impact on affordability of rising interest rates so I decided to go ahead and put the house on the market sooner rather than later. I wasn’t sure that they could pull the house together in enough time before the market slowed in July. Karen and Chris really stepped up. In 2.5 weeks an astounding amount of work happened — the house was completely transformed. They organized and managed interior and exterior painting, landscaping, replacement of light fixtures, bathroom fixtures, roof repair, plumbing, cosmetic kitchen makeover, cleaning and staging. It was a completely different house! All my friends and relatives commented how wonderful the transformation was and couldn’t believe it’s the same house!

When the house went on the market, I took Karen & Chris’s advice on pricing and within 12 days I had three offers over asking, in a market where many properties were just sitting, the influx of new listings growing, and competition seemingly heating up week by week. They did a great job of always keeping me informed and managing all the details of the transaction, easing any anxiety I may have had. They were also perceptive, anticipated many of the questions I had, and were very responsive in providing me the answers regarding the progress of the sale, making the whole process as easy and stress free as possible for me.

With the quick sale of my home, I now have more latitude to make other investments, therefore enhancing my opportunity to reach my retirement goal sooner. I am now a convert myself! I would gladly recommend the “Dynamic Duo” to all my friends who are thinking about selling.”