Jill W. & Dan H.

“We just purchased our first home with the help of Karen and Chris, and I cannot believe how smoothly this process went. They stayed up all night with us to review disclosure and write up an offer when time was of the essence. Additionally, because they are well known and respected within the real estate community, we are positive our offer was accepted over another solely based on their reputation. How lucky are we?

Because we know nothing about real estate and even less about real estate in San Francisco, we used recommendations from them across the board. Our mortgage broker, CPA, inspector, and title agent were recommendations from them. It's an incredibly scary thing to blindly trust two people to handle all of your business in buying a home, but even in hindsight, there's little we would have done differently.

Throughout the entire process they were the ones we could count on to cut the crap and tell us exactly what the wordy contracts we had to sign actually said. They were not afraid to dumb things down for us.

All in all, even though we knew they must have been constantly busy with their other clients, there was no real evidence of that. We felt like we always had their full attention, because they were accessible and responsive at all times. I find it hard to believe they ever take a break, which is great for us but probably exhausting for them.

We are thrilled to have found Karen and Chris thanks to a close friend, and we would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking to purchase in San Francisco."