Jeff M.

“I hired Chris & Karen to sell my condo in the North Panhandle area in summer 2010, and long story short.... I couldn't be happier with the outcome!

The first thing I noticed about this energetic husband/wife team is that they are extremely thorough with everything they do. We had our first meeting at my then recently empty/unfurnished condo, and they brought a folding table and chairs so my wife and I could be comfortable during their presentation. The presentation was extremely informative and educational, and I knew from that moment on, these people were serious business.

I had lived in the condo for 10 years and had only done minor renovations, so Karen offered ways to spruce it up to maximize the sale. She has a great network of contractors who will do the work for *much* cheaper than most, so I was always able to stay under budget. After all the work was done and the place was staged, it looked like a brand new condo!

Chris handles all the paperwork, business, negotiations etc., and he was amazing at keeping me informed about everything at every step of the process. There were many times that I felt like I was their only client because it was not uncommon for him to call me several times a day to give me updates during critical periods when I needed to know what's happening.

Since I was selling in a buyer's market, I initially was pretty unhappy with how they priced my home. I thought it was way under-priced even in the current market. But now, looking back, I realize they priced it to inspire competition and over-bidding, which is exactly what happened.

Bottom line... my home sold for exactly what I hoped it to sell for, and it sold quick!

I would highly recommend Chris and Karen for anyone who wants to maximize their sale price and work with an outstanding real estate team who will go the extra mile and get the job done.”