Ernie R.

“I recommend Karen Cheong and Chris Sprague without reservation.

When a colleague first suggested I take Karen and Chris up on their free, no-obligation buyer strategy session, I had my doubts. Having purchased and sold homes in three different states, how much would I really learn? A lot.

Karen and Chris truly understand the San Francisco real estate market, which is unlike any in which I have ever conducted transactions. More importantly, they were committed to understanding me – my needs, my wants and my price range.

They guided me through the complex process of making trade-off decisions and reinforced items for consideration to ensure that I landed in a property that would be good for the short term and the long term. Karen and Chris focus a tremendous amount of energy towards developing a relationship with clients that will sustain itself over the long-haul.

Their skill sets complement one another beautifully and they value one another’s expertise. Karen knows the city and can quickly size up property. She also has a vision for what something can become and where the effort wouldn’t make sense. As a lawyer, Chris brings valuable skill to the table, especially considering the complex nature of HOAs, TICs, etc.

Today I closed on the purchase of my home in San Francisco! It is an amazing property and one which I feel extremely grateful to be occupying. I don’t anticipate selling it at any point in the future, but if
that day should ever come, I will contact Chris and Karen. I will contact them because I respect them, I trust them, and I would rather have them on my side of the transaction than on the other!

I am fortunate to have worked with and to know Karen Cheong and Chris Sprague.”