Dave M. & Judy G.

"If you are looking to buy a home in San Francisco, you will not find a team more knowledgeable, harder working, or supportive then Karen and Chris -- buying our condo in Noe would have been impossible without all their help!

As other reviewers have mentioned, Karen and Chris are somewhat of a dynamic duo. Both know the San Francisco real estate market inside and out and both are incredibly friendly, honest, and organized, but each is an expert in their own area...

Karen knows everything about the San Francisco market and has a great eye for properties -- how it is priced, what work it may need, and if it is even worth seeing -- all from just a street address. She knew exactly what we were looking for and never steered us wrong when visiting open houses. Not only did she know if a neighborhood fit our style, she also knew almost all of the inventory before we did (we visited a few places she said we should pass on, and man was she right!).

Chris knows everything there is to know about the offer and closing process, which was a godsend for us as our home was new construction with a less then organized seller. Thanks to Chris's background, he was able to make sense of all the legalese and wrote numerous addendums to the contract based on our home inspection (note: Chris and Karen are also a wealth of recommendations for inspectors, contractions, lenders, etc.). Because of the issues with the seller, our closing process would have been a nightmare if not for Chris's time and support.

As a team, Karen and Chris covered all our bases and were always able to answer our detailed questions quickly -- a necessity with the frantic pace of San Francisco real estate. They were always honest in their answers about what really mattered for the value of the home and reminded us of our objectives (room for a family) and budget when we started to drift. Their attention to detail and quick response helped us focus on the things that really mattered, which helped set our minds at ease.

There are dozens of other great experiences worth mentioning; for example, Karen and Chris spent hours with us to explain the San Francisco market (which is nothing like the other cities that we have owned in), getting to know our needs and likes, and genuinely caring about what we should vs. could afford (one great service they offer is a meeting with an independent CPA to discuss if renting or buying would be a better fit for our incomes and lifestyle). After moving in, we received an awesome housewarming gift and continue to get support for anything that comes up (for example, we just got a subscription from them to Sunset!).

Long story short, we loved working with Karen and Chris and hope to work with them in the future!”