Chetan L. & Gaurav P.

"Finding a real estate agent who looks out for your best interest is somewhat of a daunting task. We had been house hunting in San Francisco and every agent we met seemed nice, but we never heard from him or her again. After an exhaustive search, a couple of our friends recommended Chris and Karen to us. We reached out to them, and to say the least, never looked back. They immediately engaged us, took the time to listen to our needs and provided their honest feedback about every property we saw with them.

They helped us along every step of the way, from finding a property that we liked, to holding our hand through the entire process up to closing, and there after. Even after moving into our new place, Chris, Karen and Cherie have been fantastic resources in resolving issues from finding a plumber to recommending a contractor. Not only have we found excellent real estate consultants (as they truly are) but one of the most knowledgeable folks about the San Francisco real estate market. They made the process of finding our home in this crazy San Francisco real estate market seamless and effortless.

Unfortunately, yelp only allows for a 5 star rating and you guys deserve way more. Thank you guys for everything you have done and I hope we get to work again in the future."