Brian & Valerie S.

"It's hard to express how grateful my family is for having been connected with Chris and Karen for the sale of our condo in San Francisco. They truly understand the fiduciary responsibility of an agent. We owned our place for a long time and wanted to sell as our family expanded. They gave us an honest assessment a few years back and it became clear that selling was not an option. They put us in touch with all kinds of people to help us assess our situation and make the best possible decision. We ultimately decided to wait for the market to improve.

They reached out to us when the market reached a point that selling was a viable option; they weren't pushy at all. They simply informed us that demand for properties such as ours was increasing. When WE were ready, they were on top of everything. The only thing we had to do was move out - Chris and Karen handled everything else.

They were exactly right on the marketing and pricing strategy. We were nervous in some of the decisions, but we trusted their advice. And the results paid off.

It only became more clear that they were truly working in our best interest when offers started coming in. They could have advised us to take a cash offer with no contingencies and be done with the whole process - but they didn't. They worked through the contingencies of the highest offer with us and got us a selling price that we still can't believe.

We had such a great experience working with them and owe them a great deal. I highly recommend them and can't think of a reason you wouldn't work with Chris and Karen."