Beth G. & Alex S.

“We recently bought our first condo using Karen and Chris, and we couldn't recommend them more highly. We've had a few other mediocre experiences working with other realtors, and it was night and day working with Karen and Chris. My husband and I are both very analytical, and their approach was really compatible with ours.

Our first interaction with them was after we saw a place we liked, but weren't sure about. I contacted Karen and Chris after getting a recommendation from the Golden Gate Mother's Group. Karen immediately called us back, and actually dissuaded us from making an offer on that place (and the place after that we also considered). The advice was very logical, and we appreciated that they were trying to give the best advice to us they could vs. just trying to make a quick sale.

After we all looked at several places, a place came on the market that seemed too good to be true. Karen immediately contacted us and scheduled a private viewing before the first open house was even scheduled. This actually prepped us enough that we were ready to make an offer way before anyone else. As a result, we ended up getting the place!

During the closing period, issue after issue came up - it was a house built in 1905 with tons of disclosures and permit issues. Chris' legal expertise was invaluable - he helped us think through the risks involved, contacted the dept of building inspection (DBI) on several occasions, and generally got us to the finish line. It truly wouldn't have happened without him!

After closing, Karen and Chris have continued to be a tremendous resource. They have provided a number of references for us to renovate the place in advance of us moving in, which have worked out really well. They continue to stay involved, which is really going above and beyond anything we would have expected. They really understand that it's about the overall relationship, not just about a quick transaction.

We had also considered using Redfin initially, in order to save the money on the real estate fees. But, I'm so glad we ultimately decided to use Karen and Chris. They added way more value than we could have imagined possible for realtors.”