Adam & Trisha S.

“We just finished buying a home using Karen and Chris as our real estate consultants. We'd previously bought a home and just recently sold it using a different agent. The differences were night and day. On the sale of our previous home, that agent made a lot of promises up front and did not deliver. It seems like she had tired of us, or knew she had us at that point. With Karen and Chris, it was so different.

We had an initial meeting with Karen and Chris and they were both professional and funny. We'd been referred to them by a colleague who raved about them. They'd asked us to take some time after hearing about their approach and decide if we'd like to work with them. We knew before we spoke that we wanted to move forward with them.

We had a whirlwind open house session that was for us to get to know the market better, as well as for them to see us in spaces and really determine what was important to us in our future home. Karen guided us through this part of the process and Chris served as chauffeur in his eco-friendly vehicle. Karen was no-nonsense in this process and it was extremely helpful.

We actually found the home we ended up putting an offer on one weekend when we were checking out some other open houses. Karen and Chris immediately flew into action. Karen found some comps, toured the house and gave us her thoughts. Chris worked us through what our offer needed to look like, gave us our options and told us how they'd likely be perceived. The offer was accepted and the process from that point was A LOT of back and forth with the seller and the seller's agent. Chris was on point here and was so far beyond our expectations in terms of communicativeness, explanations and understanding.

What really stood out with Karen and Chris compared to our previous real estate transactions was we ALWAYS felt they were looking out for our interests. Other realtors have put us in situations where they wanted to just move the process along at our expense, coloring our opinions with their commentary. Karen and Chris left no doubt that they were looking out for us. There were so many points in time that if we'd just given in and sacrificed on a matter that was important to us, we could have closed our transaction much more quickly.

Working with Karen and Chris was and is a pleasure. We are still communicating with them as we do some work to our new house and Karen has given us and is coordinating with a list of potential vendors. Each previous real estate transaction has left us with a bad taste in our mouths, but this was really great. We've recommended Karen and Chris to a friend looking to just understand the market, not necessarily buy a place. We would recommend them to anyone looking to understand or get into the SF real estate market.”