More than 85% of our business comes via introductions from our clients.

We pride ourselves on having lots and lots of really happy clients. Here are some of the fantastic things they’ve said about us. (You can’t tell, but we’re blushing a little bit right now.)

Jeff & Kristin F.

"They were referred to us from a friend and we have referred them to our friends. They work great as a team and whether you are looking to sell a place and need it perfectly staged to maximize the appeal or buying a home in SF and are unsure of all the neighborhoods and options they’ve got you covered...

Their initial buyer strategy session is a must and there is no pressure. It really helped us determine what was important to us when buying in San Francisco and helped focus our ensuing search...

They never put their desire to make a sale ahead of our best interest and the long-term relationship...

We can't say enough positive things about them. They really are world-class and we’re so glad we found them when we started looking for our home.”

Ryan & Jen

"We are so glad we listened to your advice. Not only did you guys so efficiently manage the prep process and pricing strategy — the result far exceeded our expectations! THANK YOU!"

Dr. Cynthia B.

When offering advice about pricing the house and the timing of placing it on the market, they explained very clearly what the risks and possible outcomes were. They kept us fully informed of what was going on at all times and continued to give us their perspective as they saw the market conditions shift around us and as different situations arose while the property was in contract. With their advice on strategy my dad was able to get a price he was happy with...

They truly care about their clients and do the best they can for them. They are unique in the way that their heart is in whatever they do! Bravo!”

Simon & Andreas

"We just closed the sale of our condo we bought three years ago with a 50% gain on our original purchase price and 33% over asking price after being on the market for less than two weeks. Although it is a given that the San Francisco housing market is absolutely insane at the moment, we are fairly certain our returns would not have been as good and the transaction could have been longer and more stressful in the process had we not had such awesome seller agents..."

Micah W. & Bonnie C.

"Cherie, Karen & Chris are just awesome. They held our hands and educated us every step of the way: from mortgage bankers familiar with the SF market, to desirable neighborhoods in our range, to home inspectors and contractors we could trust. Any question we had, we'd receive an incredibly detailed and informative response, and we'd learn way more than we would have in the hours we'd spend online trying to figure it out for ourselves...

Thanks to Cherie, Karen, and Chris, we've now been living in our dream home for 6 months and couldn't be happier. We hope to never move again, but if we do, we know exactly who to call :)"

Dan T.

"Bottom line: choosing them was my best decision because they made everything fall into place for me. Karen handled the makeover of the house, and when she was done, it was fresh, bright, and sparkling. Chris helped me with all the paperwork, including the Seller disclosures, by providing detailed instructions, examples, and carefully reviewing everything with me. They made everything easy for me. The house hit the market right on schedule, and generated lots of interest. Chris and Cherie provided frequent updates so I always felt comfortable about what was happening. Ultimately, I received multiple offers and sold the house for an astonishing 36% over list price, far above my most optimistic desires. It was a pleasure to work with the entire SFRE Solutions team throughout the selling process resulting in a most successful outcome. Thank you, Chris, Karen and Cherie!"

Seth W. & Shauna N.

“The idea of buying a house in San Francisco is pretty intimidating, for a whole bunch of reasons. Somehow though, Karen and Chris have an unbelievable ability to navigate every aspect of the process. They're smart, they're experienced, they're honest, and they have answers for each one of the thousands of questions that come up along the way...

A huge bonus of working with Karen and Chris is their amazing network of other professionals. They know everybody you need to know..."

Priya M. & Daryl Q.

"Wow, did they blow us away! As always, Chris and Karen work synergistically together... Their intelligence, hard work, dedication and professionalism really paid off for us! We cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Kimberly K.

“A friend recommended I give Karen & Chris a call to see what my real estate buying options were in this market. I went in for their buyer strategy session and loved it. I think they should charge for it — it’s that helpful!...

The process was very smooth and more manageable than I had anticipated. I felt very comfortable throughout because they continued to keep me informed of what was going on and answered any questions that I had."

Dimi & Lutz B.

“Karen and Chris did wonderful work. Their combination of imagination, attention to detail, integrity, thoughtfulness, expertise, and energy really made our experience amazingly worry-free and very successful.

Considering the ten buying or selling transactions we've been involved with up until now, we have never before worked with realtors as good as they were...

From the beginning they constantly kept us up to date with what was happening in our home, gave us good advice and explained our options. They continued to keep good tabs on the expenditures, the schedule, the loose ends, etc. throughout the entire transaction. With these two, we found that there were no loose ends!"

Ernie R.

"When a colleague first suggested I take Karen and Chris up on their free, no-obligation buyer strategy session, I had my doubts. Having purchased and sold homes in three different states, how much would I really learn? A lot.

Karen and Chris truly understand the San Francisco real estate market, which is unlike any in which I have ever conducted transactions. More importantly, they were committed to understanding me – my needs, my wants and my price range.

They guided me through the complex process of making trade-off decisions and reinforced items for consideration to ensure that I landed in a property that would be good for the short term and the long term. Karen and Chris focus a tremendous amount of energy towards developing a relationship with clients that will sustain itself over the long-haul."

Wendy S.

"Having reached retirement age when my last tenants moved out, I decided this was the time to sell my rental condo in San Francisco which had been tenant-occupied for over 18 years...

Karen and Chris were amazing. They provided not only great suggestions, but also excellent sources for everything I needed...

Karen and Chris did much more than I ever expected from a real estate agent. I knew that they always had my best interests at heart..."

Bill L. & Angela K.

"As a team, Karen & Chris have this incredible energy and enthusiasm for what they do and we always felt they were genuinely working to protect our interests throughout the process. We know they had to balance their time with other clients too. However, they never missed a beat and were always on top of everything...

If you are looking to work with a team of highly experienced, savvy, down-to-earth professionals, you should meet them!"

Sarah P. & Emily B.

"We have incredibly hectic lives, were closing escrow on and moving into a new home, and have several pets that we take care of — we didn't have the time or the energy to deal with all of those things in addition to preparing our house for sale...

Their help made the process so much less stressful than it would have been otherwise. Our house was looking amazing and was on the market within 3 weeks of our first meeting with them."

Chad S.

"Karen and Chris take their long-term commitment to their clients seriously and take care of them even after the deal has closed."

Deanna Y.& Jason W.

"From our first meeting, it was clear that Karen and Chris were incredibly knowledgeable about the complex and competitive SF real estate market. But beyond that, we could tell that they were great, honest people who really care about helping their clients find the places that are right for them...

Karen and Chris far exceeded my husband's and my expectations -- not only did they help us buy a house, but we also gained some amazing friends in the process."

Vikki W.

"From our first meeting, Karen and Chris thoroughly impressed me, not only with their marketing and legal knowledge, but with their ability to provide a vast network of support people to aid in the preparation of the unit for sale...

In the past six years, I have been involved in seven real estate transactions and have never experienced the level of diligence, expertise and commitment that Karen and Chris provided for this transaction. They are, without a doubt, not only the most effective professional realtors, but wonderful people… the best!”

Cindy S. & Alex W.

"Within two weeks of our decision to sell, Chris and Karen had our condo ready to put on the market. They really made it as easy as possible for us. They coordinated all the cleaners, window cleaners, stagers, the plumber, disclosure gathering and even did some fine tuning work themselves. All the details were pulled together so that our condo would look the best it could. It was amazing! When we walked into our old place after they were done, we hardly recognized it."

Jill W. & Dan H.

"It's an incredibly scary thing to blindly trust two people to handle all of your business in buying a home, but even in hindsight, there's little we would have done differently.

Throughout the entire process they were the ones we could count on to cut the crap and tell us exactly what the wordy contracts we had to sign actually said ...

All in all, even though we knew they must have been constantly busy with their other clients, there was no real evidence of that. We felt like we always had their full attention..."

Mark G.

"Thank goodness Chris and Karen exist ... due to their excellent reputations within the real estate community, you may find yourself getting an offer accepted where it may have not been otherwise...

They weren't going to get rich from our transaction - we're fairly low budget by SF home standards - but they treated us like multi-millionaires. We're super happy to have our house, but I'm almost sad the search is over.”

Annie F.

"As a single buyer, their opinions and input were invaluable in helping me assess my options and different properties. I could count on them to give their honest opinion and I trusted their advice."

Rossa S. & Beatrice C.

"Karen Cheong and Chris Sprague are hands down the best realtors in San Francisco ... their true value is through their system of educating their clients in residential real estate so one can make an informed decision not just on a purchase or sale, but on how that transaction could affect their lives financially (and emotionally) into the future. Tell most realtors you're interested in a particular property and they'll say "let's go get it then!" Karen and Chris, on the other hand, will investigate the property and present you with upside and downside, which is exactly what we were looking for from professional realtors - consultation and deep strategic knowledge, not "rah rah let's get you this house."

Angie Y. & Mike A.

"We never once felt pressured. Instead we very much felt like we were in the driver's seat with a very experienced navigation system (with a calm therapeutic voice) guiding us through otherwise pretty scary and unknown territory."

Alexia D.

"They guided me through every sticky step of the way and made sure that I felt comfortable with the process."

Sen & Sam L.

"We were always struck by how they never really pushed us to buy something— even if we seemed like we wanted a particular house. We think this is one the most valuable aspects of their approach— not being pushy sales people, but providing enough guidance so that we could make our own decisions...

Overall, we felt like they really took care of us and our needs by listening to us and guiding us ... We tell friends about all they’ve done for us and they are all amazed by their high quality service."

Jeff M.

"The first thing I noticed about this energetic husband/wife team is that they are extremely thorough with everything they do. We had our first meeting at my then recently empty/unfurnished condo, and they brought a folding table and chairs so my wife and I could be comfortable during their presentation. The presentation was extremely informative and educational, and I knew from that moment on, these people were serious business...

I would highly recommend Chris and Karen for anyone who wants to maximize their sale price and work with an outstanding real estate team who will go the extra mile and get the job done.”

Chetan L. & Gaurav P.

"They made the process of finding our home in this crazy San Francisco real estate market seamless and effortless."

Brian & Valerie S.

"They reached out to us when the market reached a point that selling was a viable option; they weren't pushy at all. They simply informed us that demand for properties such as ours was increasing. When WE were ready, they were on top of everything. The only thing we had to do was move out - Chris and Karen handled everything else.

They were exactly right on the marketing and pricing strategy. We were nervous in some of the decisions, but we trusted their advice. And the results paid off."

Loretta D. & Dan L.

"We live out of state and decided to put our home on the market. Chris and Karen immediately jumped into action - with a well laid plan to prep, stage and market our home for sale. They were incredibly proactive, went above and beyond (which involved Chris fashioning something in his workshop) and made it all so easy for us."

Kathy T.

"I interviewed three agents. I chose Karen and Chris because I found their well-prepared presentation to be the most impressive, highlighting their knowledge, full service marketing plan, and fantastic referrals. They demonstrated the energy, vision, resources and the organizational skills necessary to prepare my home for market in an extremely short period of time. In addition, one of my criteria in hiring an agent was that they conduct themselves in a professional manner and work with integrity. To this end, Karen and Chris certainly met this criterion with flying colors...

They did a great job of always keeping me informed and managing all the details of the transaction, easing any anxiety I may have had. They were also perceptive, anticipated many of the questions I had, and were very responsive in providing me the answers regarding the progress of the sale, making the whole process as easy and stress free as possible for me."

Adam & Trisha S.

"We'd previously bought a home and just recently sold it using a different agent. The differences were night and day. On the sale of our previous home, that agent made a lot of promises up front and did not deliver. It seems like she had tired of us, or knew she had us at that point. With Karen and Chris, it was so different...

What really stood out with Karen and Chris compared to our previous real estate transactions was we ALWAYS felt they were looking out for our interests. Other realtors have put us in situations where they wanted to just move the process along at our expense, coloring our opinions with their commentary. Karen and Chris left no doubt that they were looking out for us. There were so many points in time that if we'd just given in and sacrificed on a matter that was important to us, we could have closed our transaction much more quickly."

Alyssa T. & Nicole C.

"Karen and Chris conduct their business with integrity, in depth-knowledge of the market, stellar service, and a great sense of humor. If I could give them more stars, I would because their service continues on long after you close escrow...

Karen and Chris' goal for their homebuyers is to get them into homes that are not only places they love, but are also what they can afford, and will be a good value. I cannot stress this enough. They take into account things that we hadn't ever thought of that would affect the value of a home. There were a few places we initially thought were amazing, but after Karen listed all the pros and cons, we decided were not right for us. It was through their honest guidance that we were able to find a place that we love, that we can afford, and we are so proud to call home.”

Rob B.

"Karen and Chris bring a very personal and enthusiastic yet professional touch to buying or selling a home in San Francisco, always with their clients needs at the forefront. They go above and beyond what is expected of an agent starting from their initial meetings to aiding in contractor work even after transaction has occurred."

Mona H. & Kevin G.

" I'm totally pleased my husband and I chose Karen, Chris & Cherie to help us navigate the sale of our Potrero Hill town home. And believe me, I gave them a run for their money. MOVE OUT??? PAINT?? STAGE? Clearly, I've been educated... From the time we signed the papers, we had no more worries and could focus on our next home."

Sharon P. & Eric S.

"We ... couldn't have been happier with their support, service, expertise, and quality. These two will not steer you wrong and will be with you every step of the way (and beyond) to make sure that you're happy and making the right choices in what can be an intensely bewildering and crazy experience."

Lucas R. & Kristin M.

"I would have recommended Karen and Chris even if we hadn't found a place we love because their dedication and professionalism are incredible. But in our case, we definitely wouldn't have gotten our place without them."

Vasili P. & George B.

"Being first-time home buyers, both of them guided us through each step of the process with absolute clarity and detail. After meeting with them, we knew exactly what to expect. We appreciated their complete transparency and their ability to always provide additional options or solutions. Their amazing support and exceptional customer service made buying a house in SF so easy and stress-free, which in today's market doesn't happen too often."

Tony & Tessa R.

"The sale of our condo closed just last week, and we couldn't be happier with the results!.. Through both of our experiences with SF Real Estate Solutions we found them to be extremely professional, competent, and confident, to set clear expectations for both buyers and sellers, to be very considerate and aware that this can be an emotional process, and to be respectful of our home and family. On top of that, had fun working with them! It should not go unsaid that they get amazing results."

Dave M. & Judy G.

"Both know the San Francisco real estate market inside and out and both are incredibly friendly, honest, and organized, but each is an expert in their own area...

They were always honest in their answers about what really mattered for the value of the home and reminded us of our objectives (room for a family) and budget when we started to drift. Their attention to detail and quick response helped us focus on the things that really mattered, which helped set our minds at ease."

Michael & Stephanie O.

“Buying a home in San Francisco is a tough, competitive and confusing process...

Imagine if two of your oldest friends knew everything home buying from strategy to market conditions to remodeling - that's Karen & Chris...

If you want to work with two of the friendliest, honest and committed people in San Francisco real estate, I highly recommend Karen and Chris.”

Jenny & Steve C.

"The thing we liked most was how clear and organized they were as we prepared to list our home...

They advised us on pricing strategy, and we took their advice, despite family and friends’ feedback to the contrary. Thank goodness we did! Despite a slowing market, we got multiple offers and a price that was at the high end of our expectations...

They are wonderful to work with – super proactive, helpful and efficient. Now having both bought and sold with them, we will definitely recommend them to our friends and anyone else thinking of selling or buying a home in San Francisco.”

Rick & Steve N.

"When we met with them we were impressed with their advice on timing, preparation for marketing, pricing strategy and knowledge of the market so we decided to work with them."

Jim & Debbie B.

“As you consider real estate agents to represent you in one of the most critical financial decisions that you will have to make, please consider our personal recommendation of Chris Sprague and Karen Cheong. Working as a team, they professionally and accurately guided us through the many important and time-sensitive steps that must be accomplished in order to have a successful selling experience. Their advice was tempered with realistic appraisals of the value and opportunity currently available in a changing San Francisco real estate market...

Based on their character and integrity, we extend the highest recommendation to engage the services of Chris Sprague and Karen Cheong for the sale of your property."

Shawn S.

The whole process was a stressful affair, as I wasn't in the city to deal with preparing the house for market and I was occupied by long hours at work. Enter Chris & Karen...

They got my house ready to show in 2.5 weeks without much contribution from me...

Throughout the process Chris and Karen worked hand in hand and apprised me of what was happening on a regular basis. I recommend this effective duo to any San Francisco seller wishing for peace of mind and a team that is detail oriented."

Maya S.

“Karen and Chris made my first-time home-buying experience a breeze. Not only did their buyer strategy session inspire me to break up with my then-realtor (who was driving me nuts with pressure), but the entire process of working with them was fun, informative, and empowering...

Before I came to them, I felt overwhelmed, lacking in knowledge, frustrated, and frankly, a bit lost and discouraged. That they were able to so quickly bring me to a place of positivity, inspiration, and confidence says everything about their skill and commitment level."

Anthony & Rebecca B.

"After interviewing several agents, we chose to work with Karen and Chris because of their integrity, their comprehensive marketing package, and their willingness to step in fully and coordinate the house preparation."

Brian B. & Hong C.

"After listening to their buyer's strategy session, it was clear to us that these two embodied exactly what we were looking for — experienced, knowledgeable realtors who looked holistically at the homebuying process, including financial and tax implications. The extent to which Chris and Karen are willing to help make to make buying a home feasible for their clients is exceptional and truly appreciated."

Britt & Lori B.

"When we were introduced to Karen & Chris by our mortgage broker we were skeptical that they were any different from the stereotypical real estate agent. We’re so glad that we were wrong! Working with them has restored our faith in the real estate industry."

Paul W. & Paul K.

"Without question and after working with three previous realtors, they are far and away the very best realtors we've ever worked with...

Chris & Karen had all the attributes we were looking for in realtors: responsive, honest, knowledgeable, analytical, enthusiastic but not pushy, friendly yet professional. They answered our questions fully and promptly, gave us candid and honest advice, arranged to meet us after work hours to see properties and write offers, and helped us create and execute a personalized and detailed real estate strategy driven by our own personal needs and recent market data. The success of their approach can be measured in the results we achieved: we moved into our dream home within 3 months of starting to work with them."

Jim M. & Yumi E.

“With real estate agents, it is often difficult to really know the difference between average, good, and exceptional before being required to commit to one particular person or company. Unlike any other real estate people I have ever heard of, Karen and Chris imply a deep understanding of this in their approach, and truly make the decision very easy. To anyone looking to buy or sell in San Francisco, I would offer a very simple suggestion: meet with as many agents as you want, and then just meet with Chris and Karen once. I can guarantee you'll see the difference right away."

Rachel B. & David H.

"Through it all, Karen and Chris were fantastic. Extremely professional, full of information to support their positions and sympathetic to our views even when we decided to stay in the house during the sales process (I don't recommend this, especially with a toddler)...

My husband and I have talked many times if another agent could have sold as quickly and for as much as Karen and Chris and the answer is no. They are driven, focused and worked for us every step of the way."

Leah K. & Brian L.

“Karen and Chris went above and beyond the call of duty in every way. They are extremely professional, friendly, accommodating and definitely on top of their game. Working with them, we never felt pressured or got the sense that they were putting their interests above our own."

Mike & Sandra M.

“We just bought our first house and I can honestly say we wouldn't have made it through without Karen and Chris. From beginning to...well there is no end but I'll get to that in a second, they have been there making sure we knew and felt comfortable with everything that was going on, giving us sound advice throughout and really guiding us through the process ... they are the BEST!”

Beth G. & Alex S.

"We've had a few other mediocre experiences working with other realtors, and it was night and day working with Karen and Chris ... After closing, Karen and Chris have continued to be a tremendous resource ... They continue to stay involved, which is really going above and beyond anything we would have expected. They really understand that it's about the overall relationship, not just about a quick transaction...

We had also considered using Redfin initially, in order to save the money on the real estate fees. But, I'm so glad we ultimately decided to use Karen and Chris. They added way more value than we could have imagined possible for realtors.”

Ray E.

"I was extremely impressed with how coordinated they were in formulating a game plan, and then executing it flawlessly ... Being a first-time seller, I felt completely at ease with the process, getting all the info I needed from them on how things were going to happen, and how to maximize my results ... when it comes down to it, you want someone with the willingness and tools to go the extra mile for you, as if you were their friend, not just a client.. At least, that's what I was hoping for, and that's exactly what I got.”

Tom B. & Sarah W.

We have just got the keys to our dream home in San Francisco thanks to Chris, Karen and Cherie at San Francisco Real Estate Solutions. Their level of hard work, responsiveness, professionalism and kindness astonished us. We arrived in San Francisco from New York 3 weeks ago, and really liked one of the first places we saw. Without any financing in place and not knowing the process or the city, we thought we were unlikely to get it. We lucked out by finding SFRE Solutions on Yelp.