Bay Area Sketchy Activities

Wicked Returns to SF!

Because it was so "Popular"

Holy Moly!

Remember that post about the old church they converted into luxury condos? Well, if you thought that was cool, just take a look at the architects penthouse!

Here's how much you'd have to earn to buy a house and live comfortably...

In case you were wondering...

B.'s Comin' to Town!

Am I the only one who hopes to run into B. at Tosca?

Bay Area Waterfall Watch

Waterfall hunt anyone?

Market Predictions for 2016

10 Housing Market Predictions for 2016!

Does It Pay to Invest in Tiny Homes?

Some good tips for those with smaller floor plans...

San Francisco home values soared $131 billion in 2015

Our Caption Winners

We’d like to kick off 2016 by congratulating Dave & Judy for winning our caption contest! Here's the winning caption..

"I ain't lion, if these tights get any tiger, I'm gonna puma pants."

And here's Karen presenting the witty winners Dave, Judy and Cole with the prize.