What makes us tick?

These core values and our mission are what inspire us to serve at the highest level.

Our Core Values

1. Serve with integrity
2. Care for people through conscious action
3. Communicate clearly, transparently and honestly
4. Empower people to make smart decisions
5. Embrace opportunities to improve, grow and innovate
6. Live with passion and playfulness
7. Cultivate mastery

Our Mission consists of three interrelated parts:

Client Mission: When people buy or sell a home they are not simply acquiring or disposing of a commodity – they are making choices intended to better their lives. Honoring the trust they place in us, and understanding the importance of our role as advisors, we use our expertise, experience and deep market knowledge to give our clients the same candid advice, outstanding service and unwavering advocacy we would give to family members, to help them achieve their true end goals.

Social Mission: To do our part to make our world a better place by treating everyone with the respect and dignity due to us all. In our interactions and communications we must be mindful of our impact on others – we believe all actions have a rippling effect extending far beyond the individuals directly involved. Fundamentally, people are more important than sales and our words and deeds must reflect this understanding.

Personal Mission: We strive to do our best, to live up to the highest standard, even when no one is watching because excellence doesn’t happen accidentally or haphazardly.

What does this mean to you, our clients? Extraordinary service and outstanding results by people who care about you. To see this translated into our clients’ experience visit our Yelp reviews or check out our Client Stories Here’s more about us individually and how we came to this fulfilling profession we love so much.

Chris Sprague

“I object!” Well, not anymore. Yes, it’s true; I used to be a lawyer. After graduating from Cornell I practiced at large firms, first in NY then in Silicon Valley. But after a while I realized I wanted more positive and rewarding client interactions so I entered the real estate profession. But one thing that really stuck with me from law school (other than an aversion to wingtips) was the true meaning of the word “agency.” It means that an agent owes his clients the duties of care, honesty, and loyalty. That’s the kind of stuff you just can’t fake or phone in. We take our duties as agents very seriously, and always keep in mind our obligation to put our clients’ interests above our own.

In my spare time, I ride my BMW GS adventure motorcycle as much as humanly possible (even though Karen laughs at my bulky armored Michelin Man pants). My dream is to make extended road trips on the bike with Karen on the back, up the West Coast, to the national parks in the West, through the Southwest and one day through Europe (Karen’s idea, surprisingly. I suspect this may have to do with the eating to be had there!).

I also hike, play really lousy pool, study languages, love to travel, make instruments with varying degrees of success, practice krav maga, try my hand at woodworking, discover and listen to almost any form of music (sorry, country & western fans), and happily eat Karen’s amazing cooking.

BRE license number 01330091.

Karen Cheong

“I object to that objection!” Indeed, I too graduated from law school. But somewhere along the way I realized that starring in my own version of “The Paper Chase” wasn’t going to be fulfilling for me, either. I wanted to do something more entrepreneurial. So I joined Chris two years into his real estate practice.

My other past lives include being a director of business development at a dot-com and owning a high-end catering company. Because the Internet and tuna tartare are so very similar, right? Along the way, I learned that in order to succeed it’s crucial to offer incredible value to clients and to exceed their expectations. Do that, and they’ll want to introduce you to their friends and co-workers because they’ll feel like it will truly benefit someone they care about. We consider that a show of incredible trust, so to honor that trust we constantly look for innovative ways to offer outstanding service to our clients.

I love to cook (and, of course, eat, which I believe came first). My parents tell me that when I was just two years old and my mom went out for a quick run, I escaped my crib and raided the lower shelf of the fridge for the baking chocolate. When she got back, I had chocolate in hand, and more smeared all over my face. Busted.

When I’m not downing unguarded cocoa, I like to run in Golden Gate Park, dance to anything with a funky beat (often in my kitchen), travel (in order to experience different foods, of course), paint, refinish furniture, and take urban hikes through this awesome city.

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Cherie deFer

My grandmother was the one who inspired me to get into real estate. She began helping families with their property investments in the 1970s. My mom followed in her footsteps, and here I am, 13 years later, carrying on the tradition and finding great joy in the experience. In fact, my mom and I owned a real estate company together for seven years, and were able to help hundreds of families find a place to call home. Because of this, I understand the deep significance of what it means to have such a place, and I’m able to truly connect with clients and quickly hone their desires into tangible, achievable goals.

I love to educate, empower and help people. During the housing crisis I was compelled to respond by reaching out beyond the community of San Francisco. Luckily, SF was sheltered from most of the impact; however, the rest of the state was not so lucky. Through my nonprofit I was able to teach dozens of workshops across the state to help homeowners avoid foreclosure.

I love to travel internationally because it gives me the chance to experience different ways of thinking and living. I’ve found that when I get out into the world I invariably come back as a different, expanded version of myself. I also love food and cooking, which is one of the reasons Karen and I get along so well. But how can you not love food in this city?!

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